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The bell ring the bell... ! The bell rang for class, this class is a language lesson, I thought to myself, don't know what the teacher the class who can speak the text?

Originally, the teacher in the classroom to tell us a little about “friendship”, is about a man named jack Bauer students have difficulty in solving arithmetic word problems, homework often please help, some students will let jack Bauer copy his homework again. Cockroaches think this classmate enough “friends”. Some classmates tell jack about problem-solving ideas and steps, only let him think independently finish the homework, he felt that classmate enough “friendship”. The teacher finished, let's think about what students help jack Bauer is right? What is true friendship? I wanted to think, to help jack Bauer on topic ideas and steps of classmate is right, because only in this way, small strong in such a problem he would do it, but afterward he could slowly homework independently. And those who put their homework let jack Bauer copy again, it is not good, also not the real “friendship”, if you do this, he will slowly form the bad habit of relying on.

Remember once, I was doing, I don't know a word, my deskmate Chen told me that my next time when I meet the word will be read. She often help me, so now I think it's a true friendship.





I’m study in primary school grade four.

My deskmate is a little girl.

She is really small but cute.

She has a pair of long hair and her skin color is white.

She doesn’t talk too much.

She always quiet but sometimes she is very active when talking with me.

She is good at study and singing.

We often help each other in study.

I love to be with her.

A few years later, I think I will still remember the days when we were deskmates.


“The home has rules, the school has the school rules, animals have the tortoise”. The rules of my house has a lot of, the worst is the exam, take an examination of nine is three times in a row there will be a long time can't play computer, I will always be begged said: “can't play computer, then I can watch TV!” But my mother's answer, always will be: “NO!” Then I have to be dead.

The first is the neat miserably. Is my little sister, her playful raillery free all day playing, lessons are abandoned. Soon her test scores decline sharply, see have sent three times, sister pull a long face every day can't play computer, watch TV, see her nervous complain: “this day how bitter!”

Fine sister know to turn up and test scores rose slowly, recently has returned to the standard, so she is now free, full of smile on her face, and turned back to a sunny girl.

Discipline is not the tortoise, is a good law, norms we just follow the world too PingLuo!






My favourite book is Harry Potter.It has 7 books in all.Its a book about magic and other wonderful things which we cant find in real life.I love reading those books because they make me feel like Im inside the book with the characters.I always feel excited while reading the books.I also appreciate the author,who is J K Rowling.She uses beautiful words to describe things that we can only imagine.She can make it real and hard to forget.All in all,Harry Potter is my favourite book and Ill read it again and again.



UNESCO in 1972 to the whole world “to read the society” call, required reading for all members of society, books have become the necessities of life, reading has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. In 1995, UNESCO declared April 23rd as “World Book day”.


This is a day of death of the writer Cervantes and the famous English writer Shakespeare Memorial day. According to the data show that, since the “world reading day” announced that participate in this activity, there have been more than 100 countries and regions. In April 23rd of each year, the school publicity activities into a bustling festival of joy.

1995年11月15日,联合国教科文组织作出决议,将每年的4月23日定为“世界图书和版权日”(World Book and Copyright Day,也译为“世界读书日”、“世界书香日”),这一天各地的书店都悬挂出醒目的.庆祝标志——本打开的书,中间是一颗心。巧合的是,4月23日也是英国著名作家塞万提斯、莎士比亚、维加3位著名文学大师的辞世纪念日。

In November 15, 1995, UNESCO resolutions, to April 23rd of each year as “World Book and Copyright Day” (World Book and Copyright Day, also translated as “world reading day”, “world reading day”), the day hanging out around the bookstore eye-catching signs -- Celebrating the open book, the middle is a heart. Coincidentally, died in April 23rd, is the famous English writer Cervantes, Shakespeare, and the 3 famous literary masters anniversary.


“World reading day” is to encourage people especially young people find the pleasure of reading, and on the great contribution to the promotion of human social and cultural progress of people made the gratitude and respect.


Colorful life on campus, campus top catchy, campus playground is full of laughter, the students in the classroom to sit straight, corrects students' papers, the teacher in the office hard six years campus is our home, fun various campus.

Today is a new day for me, I am extremely delighted ran out of the door, humming a ditty toward the school, “hurry up, don't be late!” “Know know!” Listened to mother's words, I was in a hurry to run out of the house, along the way, some primary school students carry the heavy bag in sweet talk with their parents, some students cherish one time, take out the book to use time to take back and usually do not pay attention to the details of the looks very strange today.


My school is baodai primary school, this is a beautiful school.

there are many flowers, many leaves, many classrooms, many offices, a big hall, a playground in our school, in the playground we can run and play.also there is a garden in my school, many flowers and trees in it, we often walk in the garden after lunch.

i like my school very much! do you like my school?





a long time ago, and has a small drop of water in the east china sea listening to the story of the east china sea grandpa stresses. it is aware of the east china sea using miles apart, can not be described in a vast sea, with 1000 960 high enough to describe the depth of the sea. it is very envious of the east china sea. therefore, it asked the east china sea grandfather : “grandpa east.

why then has the vast east china sea so deep? ”east grandfather told it :“ i also another little drop of water, i and many partners around the clock to muddy pool together a small partnership, it becomes a small stream. but we do not stop pace, the united states is continuing to pour forward, and then became rivers. finally many rivers come together, it becomes a sea, the formation of the east china sea. ”small drop asked : “we really have so much power? can be turned into a stream, into a river into the sea? ”east grandpa replied : “of course not! can not become small rivers flow, so you can become the sea. also, into the sea, do not forget the existence of small water droplets, not to overlook the power of small water droplets, but it is the source of our life! without it, we would not. ”small drop in the east china sea remember his grandfather, finally became the famous south china sea.


My friend,

My good friend name is XXX, she is my neighbor, 10 years old this year, in high school in grade four. With dolls, she has a chubby face, she is very lively and cheerful. Dong dong to do is perseverance, she learn electronic organ already has five or six years, all got up to grade 10, I can hear her beautiful piano every day. She learn to draw for two years, like what picture, can be good! Mother often praise dong dong, let me learn from her, because I also have a lot of training, such as drawing, writing brush calligraphy, to play table tennis, I didn't insist on down.

I understand a truth from dong dong, don't do things anticlimactic, otherwise will accomplish nothing.


I have a nice and comfortable bedroom.

One into my home, you can see a door, written above the “girls dormitory” four words, this is my room.

Open the door, the first thing that catches the eye is a Lenovo computer, I like this computer, because it is my learning helper, I often find information on this computer, it makes me open the field of vision, increased Many knowledge. The left side of the door is my desk, there are three layers, the top layer of my previous textbooks used in the middle of the middle of the book is not used and often used books, the bottom layer of some books. I have a desk on my desk, a desk lamp and some small boutique. I usually write on this painting, easy to hurry. Yes, it is worth mentioning that there is an electric heating below the desk, it is my mother specifically prepared for me, afraid I was writing when painting cold. Next to the desk is my wardrobe. My desk and wardrobe are beautiful white, so my bedroom is very elegant, the right side of the wardrobe is my bed! It is brown, and white together with more clean and eye-catching. Bed is a set of mother carefully selected for my quilt bedding, beautiful color-shaped flowers, bright eye-catching eyes, there is a night with me to sleep in the velvet sand dog. The small bed to accompany me through a difficult night!

This is my beautiful and comfortable bedroom. I like it very much!


Good afternoon, teachers! My name is XuLulu. I`m 11. I come from Class1 Grade 6 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. There are 4 people in my family. My father is tall. My mother is pretty.

My sister has long hair. And I`m a good student. However, my home is near the school, I often get up early.

Because I must work hard. after school, I like playing computer games and reading books. I`d like to eat apples.

They are sweet and healthy. And I like Tuesday best. We have English, music, computer and P.E. on Tuesdays.

My math teacher is Miss Huang. Her class is so much fun. So my favourite class is math.

And I like Chinese and English, too. This is me. An active girl. Please remember XuLulu. Thank you very much!


I am Jack. My Chinese name is Xiao Yang .I am a boy . I am eleven years old .

I was born in Hainan on 1st October , .

I am a student . I am in YuYing primary school . I am in Class 9, Grade 6 .

I am good at Math , English and P.E .

I have taken part in public English Test System (Level 1) and passed .

I like sports . I like playing basketball , football , badminton , golf and snooker .

I play badminton very well . I have a badminton train after school on Tuesdays ,Thursdays and Saturdays .

This is a boy who I am .


I study at Yuying Primary School. My school is very big and beautiful. There are three buildings and a playground.

There are many trees and flowers. My CLASsroom is very big and bright. There are 60 students in it. They study hard and always help with each other. Our teachers are very nice and smart. I like my school.


I was so lucky today.

In the morning I lost my wallet on the way from home to school. I did not noticed this until I got into our classroom. There was almost 100 yuan in my wallet. I grew panic and decided to go back to find my wallet when I met my friend Xiao Ming. He told me he found a wallet exactly looks like mine on his way to school and it was mine.

How lucky I am today !





Last week, when I passed a clothes shop, I was attracted by the beautifuldress, so I asked my mother to give me money to buy one. But she refused me andsaid that I could collect some money by helping her to do little work. I I started to clean the house and the dishes. Sometimes washed my father’scar. Finally I got enough money.